A Personal Approach To Local Government.

Keith Pashe was elected Chief of the Dakota Tipi Band in 2016.  Chief Pashe has been serving the Dakota Tipi nation for over two decades as a traditional spiritual/cultural leader and councilman.  

Chief Pashe and council are committed to advancing the economies of Dakota tribes in Manitoba and First Nations people throughout Canada. Keith's life has been committed to improving the lives of all people and is vigorous steward of the earth. The focus of his work is a robust economy for Dakota Tipi and neighboring communities sustained by a strong alliance with neighboring tribes and Canada.

Our voice

Focus on our people and lands.
There are many factors 
encroaching on our land and culture.
We have a goup presence and attention.
The future will be molded by our activism today.


Establishing gaming on the reservation

The proceeds from gaming operations have provided various Tribal Nations with unprecedented income and the attendant benefits. 

The success of the enterprises has allowed the Nations to provide jobs, numerous services, and local benefits that would otherwise be un-affordable. The goal of good paying employment with profit sharing for all tribal members, including health insurance, is a realistic one.

While the benefits may be seen to outweigh the negative impacts, we must note that “hidden” impacts may also be present and those would be assessed very carefully.

Future Form

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